Change Your Attitude to Money

Change Your Attitude to Money
● Change your attitude to money by performing with money, how to perform under pressure, understanding what your drivers are and guiding you to maximize your ability to actually make money, how to you know how to make it, keep it and grow it. This is the secret.
● Hit that reset button and take control of your finances. You don’t want to be a slave to the corporate world, and this is aperfect opportunity to press the reset button and take back control. align yourself with the type of work that is fulfilling that rewards you you’ll be surprised how much your income will increase with less effort.

Your The Voice. Voice Coaching with Maria Pellicano

Your The Voice. Voice Coaching with Maria Pellicano
● Maria is a voice coach. And certainly if you’re doing podcasts voice is critical to success. is. It is critical and important . To give it a go, at least because I think it’s a bit confronting for a lot of people when we talk about their voice.

● Voice is water. So when you’re speaking, there’s all these water molecules coming out of your mouth. So we’re 90% water, that’s what vocal cords are. And the more water you drink, the stronger you’ll be able to speak and the longer you could speak for a longer period of time.

Mortgages During CovidRecessionAndPandemic

Anita from talking mortgages during the current C R A P event.
You are getting a lot of buyers coming out going right what what bargains are out there. What can we get this property for? And it certainly created a little bit of activity, I kind of expected the property market would have gone way down during the event but I haven’t seen really much downturn at all.

● Borrowers really need to be in really stable employment and have secure positions to be able to take out a mortgage and I think that’s probably Responsible Lending Anyway, you really don’t want to be taking out a new loan that’s going to end up in hardship down the track. So you definitely need to be in stable employment
● Yeah. So luckily, the ABA have announced that anyone that did make hardship arrangements before they got behind, it won’t be listed on your credit rating. And we do believe it won’t impact your ability to borrow down the track. So you did the right thing. It’s definitely good to get in touch beforehand.

How to Brief a Designer with Lindys Briefs

Lindys Briefs: How to Brief a Designer
Looking at, the suite of services that you offer, you could become a company’s marketing department, pretty much all of it
● We do specialize in printers, we have a 20 year background in all sorts of print. But we also design digitally so in the digital space in helping you with your idioms and your templates, and, and all of those sorts of things. So we are a whole solutions company.
● we are graphic designers and visual communicators working with multi nationals to start ups and small business’s And we want to help you to brief a designer to save you time and money.

Pay Less For Business Transactions

Pay Less For Business Transactions
Mark from costless payment solutions believes if I can give you back, some if not all of the bank fees well, that’s going to have an impact on the quality of life that I would think that you would like to have for your family.
● zero bank fees
● a great tip is that maybe a subscription to software or a bank was justified some two years ago, but you no longer need that subscription now, but you just haven’t gotten around and cancelling it, now would be a time to do so

Work Your Lazy Money Harder

On today’s business podcast we’re talking about Making Your Lazy Money Work Harder For You with Forex Trading
● Forex trading is trading foreign currencies against each other, or using a instrument called CFDs. So contract for difference.
● I teach them how to create an income from the cash with foreign exchange, trading. Working five hours a week

Fail to Plan Then You Plan to Fail

Fail to Plan Then You Plan to Fail
On todays buisness podcast, Peter from Pair Planning explains how Pair stands for Planning Accountability Implement Review
● Business owners should be doing the work that adds value to the business and doing a routine function like bookkeeping is not adding value to the typical business
● More than traditional consulting, where you helping clients with actual solutions, we actually help them implement things in the business, but also holding them accountable

Website Customer Relationship Doctor

Website Customer Relationship Marketing

Todays business podcast is covering Website Customer Relationship Marketing with is an end to end marketing agency. So the way we usually describe it is we go all the way until Pay Per Click
● From your brand strategy getting your brand, right and then online, how it represents on your website and through to your digital marketing
● We build strategies around that integrating your CRM as well so you can track and manage and have oversight over everything that’s happening and you see what delivers

short video captions

Instant Video Captions On Your Mobile

Adrian from Brivvio introduces us to his app for social video, that when you record your video, your branding is applied and captions are generated automatically
● Perfect for Vlogging
● Speech recognition software has come a long way so we’re using that technology to listen to your voice as you’re recording the video and turn that into the captions that we see at the bottom of the screen
● Designed for short videos on social etc.

womens hair cut

Low Toxin Organic Hair

Kalli has some very special low toxin hair products that I know women and men are going to love.
● They’re either organic or plant based, natural, naturally derived
● For grey hair our product covers 100% gray hair, and it’s activated with water, and it’s made from 100% plant. So there is nothing you could literally eat this and nothing would happen to you.
● If you put diesel in you put in your unleaded car, how long will it drive for?