Make Sure Your Product is Safe and Avoid Legal Repercusions

Well, the vast majority of products don’t have specific rules and regulations on them.
I use my business to Try to educate different suppliers, importers, retailers, and so forth, and try to work with different parties to encourage them to do the right thing. There’s actually quite a bit of good work going on by some of the business and industry associations. And I spend a bit of time with them to try to just kind of bring in a bit of self regulation.

Is it A Good Time to Start A Business

So even before you start, I have a lot of friends that talk about doing businesses and they want to know what the secret is. The secret is starting. It’s not very sexy, and it’s not up there with Einstein’s theory. Just start and use your own money and just use enough money. So you don’t, you know, get into hot water if you were to lose it. But if you start and you start to use your own money, you will learn very quickly what to do. And so just start and put your money in.

Are U OK Mental Health with Sir John Kirwan

So I went out and we interviewed 3,500 people in the business world to ask them, what is mental wellbeing? What is mental fitness in the workplace? And what we found out that stress and anxiety is the new norm. And some of the tools and techniques that I used to stay well, people need in everyday life. So we created Mentemia the app.
For sport and business I think fail fast is a really good tip. So when you lose in rugby, you’ve got one day to sort it out and then you’re onto the next game. And you’ve got to sort it out pretty quick. So fail fast, learn fast is also good for business.