Protect your WordPress site from hackers and back up for free

Again, web hosts will offer backups. But I recommend you do your own backups to either to OneDrive, or Google Drive or not on the website server. And the reason for this is that if the website server gets compromised, your backups will get compromised. And also the backups that website hosts offer. Some websites posted, you can get it back, like when you want it on demand others, it’s just a disaster recovery backup.
So if the server goes down, they can bring it back up. But you can’t just restore your own website. So make sure it’s being backed up and make sure it’s being backed up to another server just gives you that control and redundancy and safety. If something goes wrong, you can get everything back.

There are plenty of plugins out there that will do backups for you. And you just need to check when you’re installing the plugin that it will backup to a third party sites. So one that I recommend is updraft might be Updraft Plus, that’s that will do the backups, it will copy them to a third party server for you. They do have a free version, which I think allows you to backup to one destination. The premium version allows you to backup to more services. So you just need to check which one works for you the best.