With Podcast My Business (PMB) Starting Your Own Business Podcast is Fast and Easy

We take it all out of the studio which saves you time and stress.
We simplify the process and make it work easily for you.
As a Podcast Producer in Sydney, Melbourne and Australia wide, we know that for many business owners, the thought of putting together an audio production is maybe too hard to contemplate, amidst other business concerns.

In short as a podcast producer PMB is here to help

The standard way of podcast production with multiple strategy meetings, then studio time, then editing time with the sound engineer, more meetings afterwards etc

We do it all in just one hour of your time. We record 3-4 episodes with you, edit the podcasts, upload them to a podcast host and get you listed on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify. Simples!

That’s why we do all the hard work for you!

We take it all out of the studio which saves you time and money.


It all comes down to making your enterprise as readily discoverable online as possible. There are already literally millions of people in Australia, listening to podcasts. By providing instructive, interesting or entertaining content for your listeners, you can harness the intimate power of your voice to connect with your audience in a very ‘convenient to consume’ way, while, at the same time, you:

  • become a ‘go to’ source in your specialty
  • boost your search ratings
  • attract your target audience
  • communicate with your subscribers/customers
  • promote your specialty or interest
  • create brand awareness
  • encourage and promote sales
  • gather a network/following
  • create a more personal connection
  • keep your listeners up- to-date
  • engender trust + goodwill for you and your brand in the marketplace
  • establish authority in your field


Now, with the legwork done by PMB, there’s never been a better time for you to take advantage of podcasting as a means to connect with new or existing customers. Once we have your brief in hand, our experienced podcast producers in Sydney can put it all together using as little as 60 minutes of your time. You can leave the rest to us while you get on with what you do best!

As Australia’s most innovative done-for-you solution, we are here to help. We proudly provide full, end-to-end, Podcast Production Services to help get your podcast out there into the world, especially to clientele in your immediate business location, if you are geographically based.

Call or email for more information or to discuss your needs. We are happy to assist!


Podcasting is an effective way to reach people while they are out driving, walking, resting, gardening, watching sports, or engaged in a multitude of ways where conventional typed searches wouldn’t occur.
It’s a growing trend that people looking to make a purchase or enquiry are increasingly using voice search on their phones or devices. Often, they are looking to find a store or supplier near their location, or to find out about topics they are interested in.
Keyword research identifies the most common words people use when they’re searching for your type of product, service or topic. Using well-chosen keywords will help your information to be more readily found on search engines like Google, when potential customers are looking for what you are offering. Carefully selected keywords can also be seeded into the podcast description information. Those words can then get picked up in a search by a potential listener or customer.
With evolving voice technology, Google scans through the audio content in podcasts and can now deliver front page search results at the exact moment the search term appears audibly in the podcast. So, you can be speaking “keywords” in your podcast and simultaneously with saying those words, live on air, Google can deliver your show’s link in search results for those keywords.

PODCAST MY BUSINESS – We’re friendly, economical and local!

Based in Sydney, Australia, the team at PMB have been dedicated to all aspects of web marketing and search optimisation for over 11 years. We are conversant with all the latest information and technology trends for Google and other search engines and we have consistently delivered results for satisfied clients. We pride ourselves on simplifying technical processes for your benefit, and using the best tools at our disposal to bring growth to our clients’ businesses. Our fees are affordable and flexible, to cater to provide as much or as little help as you need.

Contact Tony Skinner at PMB for more information.

We are extremely approachable and welcome your enquiry when you’re ready to make your podcast dreams become reality.

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