If you really want to know all the ins and outs of podcasting, click here for a great run-down on what’s involved and how to go about it. It can be a time-consuming thing; one we like to help with, to make things easier for our clients. The real question is: how do we do it for the price?

Our podcasting services are a combination of several different processes:

  • Sharing knowledge and information about your subject of interest;
  • Applying our optimisation expertise to strengthen your business’s presence in search results listings;
  • Using our skills in interviewing, recording and editing processes to create your on-air material.
  • Setting up the infrastructure of scheduled episodes and a platform from which to create, publish and promote material.

We’ve cut out the fluff and padding, to deliver the essentials that get the results.

Our first and main point of difference from our competitors is in how we create our podcasts. At PMB. We ‘take it out of the studio’ and can record online, or even in your office. That cuts out expensive studio time, for a start.

Next, and importantly, we’re already well-versed in the trends and strategies of achieving content generation for your business. We’ve been making clients’ products and services more accessible in Google and other search results for many years. That’s one of the fundamental bottom-lines of marketing in an online world, and that’s our strength.

Others may boast fancy studios, or custom branding and intro and outro tracks, which can involve days of strategy meetings – all bumping up the production costs. But our expertise allows us to deliver you good quality shows with all the key elements you need to get results. We pinpoint and lay in the most efficient route to connect you with your target market and we make sure we deliver what you need, to get the positive attention of potential customers, without unnecessary overheads.


  • We take your initial instructions and then set about researching the important points to be used and incorporated in the material, to highlight your product, service, business to the ‘outside world’.
  • We look into your podcast’s purpose, who your target audience should be, and why they want to hear what you have to say.
  • Importantly, we find the topics, titles and episode descriptions that connect the dots to attract your buyers and include these in your podcast development.
  • We set up the entire podcast, including interviewing you, recording and editing your show.
  • We then set up your show on a hosting platform
  • Our set up includes consideration of and help with the length and format of your podcasts, your scheduling, cover art & specifications, and recording equipment needs for you and/or your guest or co-host (who can be in another location).
  • We lodge your shows with the main podcast channels, such as Apple Podcasts, Google podcasts and Spotify and, going that step further, we can even produce blog material for your site, from your podcasts.

In all of this, we keep your time investment as quick and painless as possible, because we know you have your business to run. If there are parts of the process you’d like to look after yourself, we can fill in the spaces and attend to the ‘process work’ to save you time and stress.
Overall, apart from initial discussions and briefing, we only need about an hour of your time to record the podcast. Then we edit the show and come back to you with a finished product, which our Sydney Podcast Production team can set up and publish for you with a minimum of fuss.


Were you aware that the real power of podcasts is that they generate web content? This in turn helps your search rankings and gets you found more readily. At PBM we add extra value to your experience. We can convert your audio into written blog material (not just transcripts, but custom-written articles), so you can get double the value from your content. We can even add a slideshow to your audio recording to create new video content for you – even better! In Australia the podcast market is growing and now is the time to get in on the ground level.

Contact Tony Skinner at PMB for more information.

Contact us if you’d like to know more, or would like to have a chat about your needs.