Podcast My Business (PMB) takes care of it all - saving your time and stress!

Our PMB team members have serviced clients’ needs for many years now, and we’ve helped businesses to grow and prosper by utilising best online practices. We incorporate those practices into your podcast production and give you a hand with our innovative done-for-you solution. We’re familiar with the technologies involved, the online platforms, and equipment you’ll need to get your podcasting underway, and we streamline it all to make it easy for you.

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

If you want to promote your business or product, establish a following in your area of interest, or engage with like-minded others on a topic or hobby you’re passionate about, the power of your voice is an asset worth developing. As a leading Podcast Producer in Australia, especially for out of studio production, We help you to do that.

Business Podcasts offer a great way to speak to customers and supporters as well as establishing trust and authority in your chosen field.

People respond well to the personal approach of the spoken word and podcasting lets them hear what you have to say, even when your listeners are away from their desk, out driving, exercising, shopping and so on.

Podcasting - An Important Tool

Your online presence works best when your website and internet tools are set up and running to serve you well. If you’ve gone to the trouble of establishing your enterprise online, podcasting will help you to capitalise on proven technologies that can put clientele in touch with you. It is fast becoming an important device in your digital toolbox and it’s what PMB specialises in.

Keeping up with the latest trends and techniques can be a whole job in itself, but fortunately podcast production is a job that we at PMB know all about, and enjoy. We’re happy to take care of the planning, strategy and studio set-up, so you’re free to do what you do best.


We save you the time and the stress of looking after the details, and we present you to the people who want to hear about your enterprise or interest.

With the advent of new trends in voice search technologies, keywords well-placed in audio material can lead people who are interested in your product, service or specialty, to your website or door. Researching and choosing the right keywords for your business podcast is just one of the things we do. From early planning and targeting, to production, broadcasting and all things in between, we’ve ‘got your back’.

In short, as a podcast producer, PMB can help you with any or all of these things:

  • Defining a clear purpose for your podcast
  • Targeting an audience that wants what you have to offer
  • Researching and incorporating your best keywords and topics
  • Placing these keywords in your content and episode titles
  • Addressing questions of scheduling, formatting, scripting and equipment
  • Helping with your program’s format and cover art
  • Interviewing you, recording and editing to produce 4 or more episodes at a time
  • Setting it up for you to record and edit yourself, if you prefer
  • Getting your episodes up on a broadcasting platform
  • Registering them with Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts

…and when all that is done, we can even go that bit further by:

  • Converting your audio material to written blogs for more content marketing
  • Placing the podcasts and blogs on your website

We also offer a full range of website, marketing and optimisation services. HERE

Quick, Simple and Made for You!

We are aware your time is precious so we make the process as quick, simple and easy as it can be for you. Our podcast producers in Sydney only need 60 minutes to interview and record you (we don’t even need you in the studio), so there’s minimal disruption to your work schedule. We work behind the scenes to put together the right material and get it up and playing online for you. We work with you to let your voice be heard.

There are millions now, tuning in to podcasts when looking to buy, or find out more about an interest.

… And even for those who aren’t listening, the key words and phrases we incorporate in your audio podcast material can show up in Google search results as soon as those words go to air. So, if folks are searching for your product or service, they can more readily find you – especially if your physical business address is in their locality. This means people can find you while they are out, actively searching for your product or service.

Ask us about what we can do for you to get more business flowing to your door.

Contact Tony Skinner at PMB for more information.

We are extremely approachable and welcome your enquiry when you’re ready to make your podcast dreams become reality.