The importance of diet on mental health and healthy relationships

    Tony skinner Hi, welcome to the podcast channel for and also And we’re doing videos as podcasts these days. And let’s uh welcome Jessica Clancy from And my first thing is for everybody to think, guess where Jessica’s accent is from. Hi, Jessica, how you doing? Jessica Hi, my name…

The benefits of training in The Hospitality Industry

For young people Hospitality is the best place to start. It’s, it opens up your communication skills, you’ve got to deal, you become a real team player, you don’t turn up, you really let your team down. You learn to deal with conflict, you get to read and deal with different types of people every day. So you know, you think those four things or five things I’ve just mentioned, if you’re going to go down any leadership org and find out what great leaders have, they all have those traits.

And I always thought that there was a big opportunity to sort of educate people and train people to realize that there actually is a career path in hospitality outside your top tier hotels.

Help the youth of today to break the cycle of violence and homelessness

Lighthouse Foundation is a youth homelessness service. It’s been in operation for just on 30 years. 

And it’s an organization that really not only seeks to address and and youth homelessness as it currently exists, but to really work with the community, both private and public, to achieve not only a solution for the young people of today, 
but certainly to do something about the sad but, unavoidable fact that there is an increase of young people in the next generation who come through to similar circumstances.

How to plan a successful 2023

So the easiest way is to start a blank piece of paper for me, I’m going to also suggest you go get a whole bunch of colored pencils, because that’s fun, that gets the mind going.
Because when you’re stuck, just go pick up another color, and another color and another color and write it down.
But don’t forget to think about all the community in your business and that’s you, your business, your partner, your kids, your parents, your customers, your suppliers, everybody, what are the goals?
What are the things you do for them?
What are the achievements, what are the feelings you want these people to feel?

To discuss a new entrepeneur hub Declan Clausen Deputy Lord Mayor City of Newcastle and Siobhan Curran University of Newcastle

With the Landing Pad space for entrepeneurs here in Newcastle it’s something very practical we can do to try and help de risk, by having a partnership like the landing pad with the University of Newcastle and the amazing facilities that it brings just to make it that little bit easier for somebody thinking of relocating to a regional city to take advantage of the better quality of life that a city like Newcastle is able to bring.

I can speak from personal experience as someone who has moved from Sydney to Newcastle 12 years ago that, you know, one of the reasons why we wanted to relocate was housing affordability, we love the beach, and we wanted to be close to the beach.

But if we wanted to stay in Sydney, we just seem to get further and further away from it. And the commute time. So I would take public transport, and it would be one hour each way from where I lived in suburban Sydney to Alexandria. And I was like is this what my life is going to be like, especially with young children but i had luckily married a Novocastrian.

And it was a somewhat easier transition to a leap of faith to move to Newcastle because I was sort of familiar with the layout, when you Newcastle initiative was up and running at that point, which supported creative entrepreneurs to access space for them to be able to operate from and that really interested me, but otherwise, I had no networks up here. And my background was marketing.

And, you know, while the COVID and hybrid work opportunities or being able to work 100% remotely, has really opened up the doors, I think, to people to consider moving to regional locations like Newcastle. And that’s been demonstrated by those figures that Declan just outlined, yes, working from home is fantastic.

We all like being able to be in our pajamas while we take zoom calls or put a load of washing on during during lunch break. But ultimately, at the end of the day, were connected humans that need to be able to be in person with each other. And that’s what the landing pad ultimately ultimately is able to provide is that face to face interactive connection into humans and people that are going through the same journey you are, particularly if you’re starting a new business.

Get better control of your business and board to manage your risks better

But by being in control, you can make sure that you’re not falling out of the sky on a regular basis. The cybersecurity risks, the innovation disruption risks are just not being met on a on a competent basis at this stage.

I mean, it’s a bit of an accusation, but I think it’s true. I think boards from what I have seen firsthand, and from the research that I’ve done as well, are generally just not engaged with the level of change and risk that is out there.