Managing data to adapt to global change and technology disruption

We are joined by Albert from to discuss adapting to global change and technology disruption by rethinking business strategy and seizing new digital capabilities in the cloud.
with so much data it is a real struggle to understand how to utilise it and create value and knowledge.
Questions asked include:
We all hear the cloud this thing out there somewhere. So how are you helping businesses to deal with that?
Using content and making it into a package usable that they can then use for marketing and other sorts of purposes.

Covid and Cancer. The Implications. With Todd Harper Cancer Council Victoria

In this episode we are joined by Todd Harper, CEO of Cancer Council Victoria to discuss the implications of Covid 19 and Cancer outcomes.
Questions asked include:

How are Covid lockdowns having an impact on cancer? Even under stress such as a lockdown is it a good time to quit?

What are the odds of catching cancer versus catching COVID?

Please share some tips on avoiding or lifestyle changes that help you reduce the risk from catching cancer?

Interview with Dr White of Quit. Stop Smoking Today To Save Your Health and Money

In this episode we are joined by Dr. Sarah White, the Director of
Quit is there to help all Australians improve their health, save money, protect their family and improve their lifestyle
Questions asked:
What do you put most of the success in reducing smoking rates in Australia down too?
Even under stress such as a lockdown is it a good time to quit?
I’ve got friends that claim that E Cigarettes are helping them, is this true?
In relation to Covid 19 and smoking. How does that impact health outcomes?

Ecommerce deliveries faster and easier with Sherpa

The way it works is your order will go through our technology out to our network of Sherpas was 10,000 Sherpas we have across Australia. With the driver app waiting for orders, they will see the job accept the job because it’s near their location, they will drive to the retail store, they’ll pick up the goods, and they will drive the order to the customer’s house or the customer’s business wherever they’ve requested to deliver it. So if you think about how Australia Post is moving millions and millions of passes around every day, we use technology to do it smarter and at a micro geography level, if you like so we match the Sherpas location, to the retail store. And we know the shipper can get there very quickly because we know where he is.

Please Support Sick Country Kids In City Hospitals

Ronald McDonald House Charities. Gives seriously ill children the best gift of all- their families. Please support the ceo walk in my shoes campaign.

With family in the country i know how difficult it would be when you have a seriously ill child needing treatment in a city hospital. Caring for other kids in the family, the costs of accommodation, food and transport would be too hard to even focus on when your child is receiving cancer or other serious forms of treatment.

RMHC helps with a supportive group environment as the families are picked up and put into a situation where they’re away from their usual support networks and away from extended family and friends. As this becomes the new normal RMHC and other families staying their offer support in this time of crisis.

As a business leader you can be part of an exclusive opportunity to experience a day in the life of a family with a seriously ill child, or donate to help with the $160 a night cost.

What to do when your pet is deceased.

At Pet Angel we’re all compassionate people. We have empathy, and we all love what we do. And we all feel as though that we We can help the people. To be honest, we do focus on the pet, but the pet is deceased. So the people that the people that need the help are the owners of the pet. They need to be assured that their beloved pet is in good hands and well looked after in their afterlife.

The Large Project Management Doctor

Yes, I’ve actually seen a lot of projects struggle, because they haven’t had the right team on board. I mean, I’ve seen projects go pear shaped, because for example, a great designer who was great at designing was promoted into a project management position, without having the proper training. And also there’s far too much unnecessary pressure and stresses in the construction industry, because people are generally not good at project management. So this is why I actually set up my companies. I thought, after seeing so many products go wrong, and learning from those things. I thought I could help.