Is it A Good Time to Start A Business

So even before you start, I have a lot of friends that talk about doing businesses and they want to know what the secret is. The secret is starting. It’s not very sexy, and it’s not up there with Einstein’s theory. Just start and use your own money and just use enough money. So you don’t, you know, get into hot water if you were to lose it. But if you start and you start to use your own money, you will learn very quickly what to do. And so just start and put your money in.

Grab Business Opportunities Today Have an Exit Strategy: James, Chairman Origo Education

I can think back over 25 years of history two and three or four major opportunities if you like. And if they come on, through, you know, forces out of your control, like a brand new mathematics syllabus, for example, a new national curriculum, first in the US or in Australia, and you just got to jump on that quickly. So turn that opportunity into something really positive.
I do have a tip, which I very rarely hear and I wish I’d heard it. Going back, you know, 10 years ago, as I started a business in a sort of evolved organically way but no one ever told me start thinking about your exit strategy.

Fail to Plan Then You Plan to Fail

Fail to Plan Then You Plan to Fail
On todays buisness podcast, Peter from Pair Planning explains how Pair stands for Planning Accountability Implement Review
● Business owners should be doing the work that adds value to the business and doing a routine function like bookkeeping is not adding value to the typical business
● More than traditional consulting, where you helping clients with actual solutions, we actually help them implement things in the business, but also holding them accountable

Business Australia Covid 19 Government Support for Small and Medium Business

We are joined By Simon Spicer of Business Australia to discuss the Government’s Covid 19 support packages.
For more than 190 years, Business Australia has stood by business owners – untying legal knots, boosting efficiency, advocating for better conditions and helping them grow.
● Formerly known as the NSW Business Chamber, today we operate across the country. From major cities to country centres. From the smallest start-up to the largest corporation.
● All governments at all levels, whether it’s federal, state and local, have really recognized the significant implications of the event, and I’ll just run through the main ones because it is very complicated.