Is it A Good Time to Start A Business

So even before you start, I have a lot of friends that talk about doing businesses and they want to know what the secret is. The secret is starting. It’s not very sexy, and it’s not up there with Einstein’s theory. Just start and use your own money and just use enough money. So you don’t, you know, get into hot water if you were to lose it. But if you start and you start to use your own money, you will learn very quickly what to do. And so just start and put your money in.

Are U OK Mental Health with Sir John Kirwan

So I went out and we interviewed 3,500 people in the business world to ask them, what is mental wellbeing? What is mental fitness in the workplace? And what we found out that stress and anxiety is the new norm. And some of the tools and techniques that I used to stay well, people need in everyday life. So we created Mentemia the app.
For sport and business I think fail fast is a really good tip. So when you lose in rugby, you’ve got one day to sort it out and then you’re onto the next game. And you’ve got to sort it out pretty quick. So fail fast, learn fast is also good for business.

The Future for Venture Capitalists and Entrepeneurs with Finder Co founder Fred Schebesta

And I’d say even for the next 12 months change is going to be just the normal going concern. That’s just going to be everyday business. Every day is going to be something slightly different and adapting and changing. I think everyone needs to just be comfortable with that. So agility and speed and adaption right now I think are going to be at a premium. Whereas consistency and efficiency I don’t think are as valued right now.

John Allan Sensis CEO on Post Covid Opportunities

Now is a great opportunity I think, to take stock. I do think businesses, those that take a little bit of bravery or think, or apply a little bit of bravery, I think you can win out of this crisis.

Maybe don’t overthink it and don’t play the farm on it. But I think the other thing too, is that businesses… We’ve seen businesses respond really quickly. So those that have adapted fast quite often have sort of got ahead quickly and haven’t sort of, I think, overlabored the point either.

Is hypnosis advanced mindfulness?

Remember, you’ve done it before in a different context. But this is this is another blip that you can ride out. This is just another roadblock but you overcame that first one which was so incredibly hard, which was just getting a business off the ground.
To relax and then you can choose one of I think I put five different ones together, which where I’m basically just describing whether it’s a beach resort, or whether it’s a ski of snow holiday and taking you through the smells, the sounds, the actions, the things around you, and just letting your brain fill in the gaps and really, you know, feel the kind of good vibes of the holiday of your choice.

SAS Techniques for Business Success

Okay, so what are some principles that you’ve learned, from your time the military that could be easily applied to businesses?
Well, I guess I had a bit of a think about this before and we have it there’s a bit of a, there’s a quote that’s borrowed from I think it’s from Dwight Eisenhower, which was the plan is nothing and planning is everything. And I think there’s this notion in the military that you know, there’s a, I suppose a perception of the military making a plan, having a strategy executing the plan and so successful. But what the reality is behind that at a tactical and strategic level is that the plan is just a living thing. And it’s always changing
I’m pretty disciplined about it actually, it’s pretty boring. And I think that’s the, secret sauce is discipline.
So not all about work, having making sure that you’re touching base regularly and just finding out how people are what they need away from work, make sure they’re comfortable, you know, and then having a bit of downtime