How can you live life beyond limits? And what are the limits?

How can you live life beyond limits? And what are the limits?
That’s a really good question. Because the moment you start thinking about limits, of course, everyone has their own
So our beliefs are essentially on buttons and off buttons that tell us what we can and what we can’t do, they’re not necessarily true. In fact, there’s a real clue in the word belief. There’s the word lie right in the middle. And what is true for someone can be completely untrue for somebody else. But if we believe that something is not possible, we will not pursue it.

How to Cope with Change

Todays interview is with Anne Mckeown from anne m c k e o w And we’re having a chat about how to cope with change, which is pretty relevant at the moment
●in looking at the conscious and unconscious mind, It is changing even with this time and people have got change going on in their lives all the time. I think we just don’t see it on mass like this usually
● So when I start screaming and yelling and get upset, is that my unconscious or conscious mind?
● Using our senses, so we can use the body to impact the mind. And we can use the mind to impact the body.
● So it’s If you want to email me, I actually offer a free 20 minute session for people to find out more.