The importance of diet on mental health and healthy relationships

    Tony skinner Hi, welcome to the podcast channel for and also And we’re doing videos as podcasts these days. And let’s uh welcome Jessica Clancy from And my first thing is for everybody to think, guess where Jessica’s accent is from. Hi, Jessica, how you doing? Jessica Hi, my name…

The importance of exercise to mental health especially in the country

I think people really underestimate how important exercise is for all around health and weight, around health and well being, but also our mental health and well being. So often people only exercise when they want to lose weight, for example.

But exercise is such an important tool for managing stress and anxiety, increasing our confidence, for helping us feel connected to others. So we’ve got an online platform. So if you’re on the country, it can be quite isolating. If you can’t get access to gyms, or you don’t have time to go to the gym, you can join our community and get that sense of sense of community and purpose through your exercise, which is really important.

Are U OK Mental Health with Sir John Kirwan

So I went out and we interviewed 3,500 people in the business world to ask them, what is mental wellbeing? What is mental fitness in the workplace? And what we found out that stress and anxiety is the new norm. And some of the tools and techniques that I used to stay well, people need in everyday life. So we created Mentemia the app.
For sport and business I think fail fast is a really good tip. So when you lose in rugby, you’ve got one day to sort it out and then you’re onto the next game. And you’ve got to sort it out pretty quick. So fail fast, learn fast is also good for business.