Latest business and consumer research for July from lewers research

And in the last round of research that we did, which was timed for the second week of July, so just as we’re going into that second lockdown, that figure reduce, so now 41% are saying it’s not the time to be hiring new staff so people, businesses are starting to think a little bit more around how they’re going to come out of this.
Sadly, I you know, the economic circumstance is such that there are a proportion of businesses we’ve got 15% who feel their business has little chance of remaining open after the crisis, but didn’t that number, as horrible as it That is, if you wanted to 15% it’s not you know, given the breadth and inequality of the impact of this pandemic. And it’s not as bigger number as perhaps we might have expected. And again, that’s perception of what small business owners are saying. So there’s a general feeling of optimism that by hook or by crook, definetly coming out the other end.
even with physical contact 78% of people are avoiding handshaking again. That means that there’s 22% of people who are still shaking hands.

For pregnant women low caffeine, coffee. doesn’t taste like shit delivered to you

Essentially, when women are pregnant, especially even leading up to pregnancy when they try to get pregnant when they’re breastfeeding, it is recommended by health care professionals that they should be having a maximum amount of about 200 milligrams of caffeine a day.

I don’t know if you’ve seen Monty Python’s the meaning of life. I have It’s been a while but I’ve definitely there’s that scene where the pregnant mother is lying on the bed. And they’ve got the machine that goes ping and she says, What do I do Nothing dear. You’re not qualified

Build a property portfolio with a $40k Deposit

Okay, essentially, a buyer’s agent is, I guess the opposite to a selling agent. So everyone who’s selling a property generally has a real estate agent who’s selling the property on their behalf. a buyer’s agent actually represents the buyer of a property so instead of just going straight to the real estate agent and trying to negotiate on a property through them, you actually use a buyer’s agent who can actually find the exact property that you’re looking for, and negotiate on the price and terms.

And we do have the page on your website under shop where you can buy the fantastic book, how to build a multimillion dollar property portfolio from a 40 k deposit. And, you know, I don’t have anything like you’d have a I think, but we both started off with a small deposit. So it can actually be done.

New Jobkeeper Update And Covid Responsibilities For Employers

We are talking about the updates, job keeper in particular and the exposure for businesses on COVID-19. We’re doing this one as a special update.

Yeah, so job keeping change 21st of July was announced by Treasury. And the changes are that there’s a gradual scaling down with the job keeper payment. But it’s also recognizing that some of the part timers getting being paid on the job keeper, were in fact earning more money than they did beforehand. So there was a rebalancing of the payments from a job keeper perspective to employees.

With Invoice Financing and in Business Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Invoice finance just provides upfront payments to you for your invoices. So effectively you’re using the assets on your balance sheet, which are your invoices. just bringing the payment forward to you, you’re getting your money faster.

I’m thinking about growing this business, for example, in different ways. And I guess it depends on your appetite to risk so would you say, now’s a good time to take on some risk? If especially if competitors are falling by the wayside?

How can you live life beyond limits? And what are the limits?

How can you live life beyond limits? And what are the limits?
That’s a really good question. Because the moment you start thinking about limits, of course, everyone has their own
So our beliefs are essentially on buttons and off buttons that tell us what we can and what we can’t do, they’re not necessarily true. In fact, there’s a real clue in the word belief. There’s the word lie right in the middle. And what is true for someone can be completely untrue for somebody else. But if we believe that something is not possible, we will not pursue it.

A good website helps to build trust

A good website with your details on it helps to build trust

But it was the biggest lesson that I learned. And that was to keep testing contact forms or any forms on the website and to have other ways for people to contact you.
I’ve heard a lot of internet marketers saying, you know, you just need a landing page and run your business. Now, people want to know who you are. They want to know that they can trust you. And the best way they get can get to know you, like you and trust you is if you have a website that addresses their concerns and their problems.

Are robots the future for real estate agents

So that begs a question. Are robots the future for real estate agents?
There’s too many businesses that are relying upon the traditional methods of doing their business. And unfortunately, I think they’re being left behind. So every business I can think of needs to embrace technological innovation of some description, too remain relevant.
There are a couple of things that have happened during this COVID-19 disaster and one of them is that agents have been forced to actually have more meaningful conversations with their potential buyers.

What Is The Cloud?

What Is The Cloud?
Certainly in the move to online and the there’s various ways of the new economy moving forward and what have you. But one of the things is that you do help businesses in the cloud, and in the cloud is still fairly well, I would say, unknown for people, but people don’t understand it enough

So it’s that whole concept of work anytime, anywhere, right? The cloud has allowed for us to get the data that you needed in the right place at the right time. And that could be effectively you in front of your machine at home in Lane cove, as you said, or you could have previously been in an office.

Use A Budget and Master Your Money Now

But I also love working with millennials as well because what you do with your finances in your 20s and 30s is going to make far more of a difference in what you do in your 50s and 60
So you can go on my website and there is a link to a budgeting course and that’s for $25 it’s distributed through Udemy. And for two hours, you can go through that course yourself and learn how to budget properly