Please Support Sick Country Kids In City Hospitals

Ronald McDonald House Charities. Gives seriously ill children the best gift of all- their families. Please support the ceo walk in my shoes campaign.

With family in the country i know how difficult it would be when you have a seriously ill child needing treatment in a city hospital. Caring for other kids in the family, the costs of accommodation, food and transport would be too hard to even focus on when your child is receiving cancer or other serious forms of treatment.

RMHC helps with a supportive group environment as the families are picked up and put into a situation where they’re away from their usual support networks and away from extended family and friends. As this becomes the new normal RMHC and other families staying their offer support in this time of crisis.

As a business leader you can be part of an exclusive opportunity to experience a day in the life of a family with a seriously ill child, or donate to help with the $160 a night cost.