Adapt or Die, Use Research

Essentially what the event has done is compressed what might have been five years of adaption of technology and new systems into a very short timeframe.
Something that we’ve always focused on in the business, I’ve seen really great organizations within my sector lose their relevancy because they can’t evolve or don’t want to evolve with changing times. So quite early on in the piece and made it a business of ours to make sure we’re a little bit ahead of the curve, or at least we like to think so.
And then the next thing was to start to really tap into how you, again, make yourself useful.

Martial Arts is Like Business

And certainly there’s all discipline, a lot of things in common with martial arts and running a business.
On Zoom when you’re looking when you’re talking about legwork, and balance and everything else and you can only see half the equation how did that go?

Well I got really good at telling the kids that I could tell that their feet weren’t pointing the right direction based on which way their hips were pointing by looking at their shoulders which drove them nuts.

Make Sure You Pay Yourself First In Your Business

Make Sure You Pay Yourself First In Your Business
But then the other part is yes, putting money aside to be able to pay yourself As the owner of the business and as an employee of the business that you know, you’re doing the daily work, you want to make sure that you’re getting paid for that
I’ve got this awesome business I’ve been working with with growing sales, but they say to me, you know, there’s no money there’s no cash in the business at the end at the bank account at the end. have each month and you can, is that what you help with? Yeah

When you step out of your comfort zone that’s where all the good stuff happens

Why would you want to spend two years living on a boat with three kids?
Being brave enough and prepared enough to go and see what’s next, especially after the event that we’ve just had. What would inspire others to go and do something like that?
Yeah, that’s a good question So it’s scary, I get that. But when you do take that leap, and you know, it’s very cliché and people would have heard it all before, but when you step out of your comfort zone, that’s where all the good stuff happens.

Grab Business Opportunities Today Have an Exit Strategy: James, Chairman Origo Education

I can think back over 25 years of history two and three or four major opportunities if you like. And if they come on, through, you know, forces out of your control, like a brand new mathematics syllabus, for example, a new national curriculum, first in the US or in Australia, and you just got to jump on that quickly. So turn that opportunity into something really positive.
I do have a tip, which I very rarely hear and I wish I’d heard it. Going back, you know, 10 years ago, as I started a business in a sort of evolved organically way but no one ever told me start thinking about your exit strategy.

Invest and help disabled housing grow

The NDIS scheme is something that was implemented a few years ago and SDA stands for specialist disability accommodation, and it is a $700 million funding stream within the broader NDIS scheme which stands for national disability insurance scheme. And basically that provides some $200 billion worth of services across the board for people with disabilities and the SDA services a select group who are eligible to have disabled housing.

That’s why it’s a win win. So the investor is being incentivized the government is effectively the 15% yield comes from three income streams. And one of those income streams is the actual rental so the rental is three times more than what you would receive from an able-bodied tenant.

Lose Weight. Pick up that barbell and put down that fork

I help women to put down the fork and pick up their life. So I help busy women who self sabotage is I helped them to lose weight and eat with freedom, while liberating them from their inner critic
There are times when you can’t possibly do everything. We’ve just had our event, the crisis that’s changed the world for everybody. Now is the time to head back up. Pick up that barbell and put down that fork.

Refresh your SMSF Super

All right. So what we’re talking about today is SMSF or self managed super funds. That’s for people who don’t go into the industry or non industry super funds that most people get through their employers itself. So let’s just jump straight into it. What are the benefits of a self managed Superfund?
● So yeah, one of the common misconceptions with super is that it’s well, it’s all mine anyway. So I’m entitled to be able to use however I want to, and it’s to some extent, but there are certain no no’s with your own super.
● with self managed super funds and the rules and regulations. They actually can change quite frequently. The goalposts continually move and that’s part of the reason why a lot of accountants find it hard to keep up with so you need a specialist

Architects Help Your Dreams come True

Architects Help Your Dreams come True

The main purpose of choosing an architect is to help you translate your design into reality.
● What happens in the renovation space often is that people know what they think they want. But in the meantime, I’ll also draw three other ideas of what you could potentially do that will still give you that outcome that may work better for you. So it’s trying to give them different ideas in the space that they’ve got and what can often what can be approved a council approval and other things as well.

● But again, if you’ve done if you’ve built or designed your building to be two meters higher than it’s supposed to be, council are going to come back and say, well, you’re blocking the sunlight. You can’t do it. But if you designed it exactly how it’s supposed to be, and there’s not really a complaint

Need WH&S and HR Training the Answer Is Yes

I even mastered the art of online site auditing. So I can come into your premises and do a fire and safety audit and I just sent you a zoom link, and you can show me around and I don’t have to visit your site
● We’re going to have to teach Homer Simpson. And that’s who we’re targeting. If he doesn’t work for you, he’ll come in as a client and he can ruin your business. So you’ve got to be prepared that whatever you do, whatever protections you put around your business, you’re factoring in for Homer Simpson