John Allan Sensis CEO on Post Covid Opportunities

Now is a great opportunity I think, to take stock. I do think businesses, those that take a little bit of bravery or think, or apply a little bit of bravery, I think you can win out of this crisis.

Maybe don’t overthink it and don’t play the farm on it. But I think the other thing too, is that businesses… We’ve seen businesses respond really quickly. So those that have adapted fast quite often have sort of got ahead quickly and haven’t sort of, I think, overlabored the point either.

How to Brief a Designer with Lindys Briefs

Lindys Briefs: How to Brief a Designer
Looking at, the suite of services that you offer, you could become a company’s marketing department, pretty much all of it
● We do specialize in printers, we have a 20 year background in all sorts of print. But we also design digitally so in the digital space in helping you with your idioms and your templates, and, and all of those sorts of things. So we are a whole solutions company.
● we are graphic designers and visual communicators working with multi nationals to start ups and small business’s And we want to help you to brief a designer to save you time and money.

Website Customer Relationship Doctor

Website Customer Relationship Marketing

Todays business podcast is covering Website Customer Relationship Marketing with is an end to end marketing agency. So the way we usually describe it is we go all the way until Pay Per Click
● From your brand strategy getting your brand, right and then online, how it represents on your website and through to your digital marketing
● We build strategies around that integrating your CRM as well so you can track and manage and have oversight over everything that’s happening and you see what delivers

Win More Clients

Win More Clients

Today we’re talking about marketing automation with Tim from
● So what sort of business is best to be using marketing automation?
Any business with relationships can benefit from automation.
● people in business are saying I’ve got to get online. What have you been doing for the last 10 years or five years? If you’re not online? Automation can help with this.

Is Copywriting Like a 5th Grader a Good Idea?

Todays interview is with Ben from Scribe copywriting and the importance of utilising a professional copywriter. How this can help your SEO, email campaigns and getting more content out and about. Also is writing like a 5th grader a good idea.
● improve your business’s online presence.
● What is the readability scale.
● What is K I S S.
Calls to action:
● www. .

Stay Calm and Keep marketing

Todays interview is with Kathleen from and the importance of valuing your offering and to get out and market, especially NOW.
Marketing now is the best thing you could be doing with your time. That is the only thing you should be doing with your time, is getting out there and market yourself. Paint the shopfront!

● Don’t be a generalist. Focus on what you offer.
● value what you’re doing and charging the right amount for what you do.
● Match to the right customer and solve their problem.