How to Brief a Designer with Lindys Briefs

Lindys Briefs: How to Brief a Designer
Looking at, the suite of services that you offer, you could become a company’s marketing department, pretty much all of it
● We do specialize in printers, we have a 20 year background in all sorts of print. But we also design digitally so in the digital space in helping you with your idioms and your templates, and, and all of those sorts of things. So we are a whole solutions company.
● we are graphic designers and visual communicators working with multi nationals to start ups and small business’s And we want to help you to brief a designer to save you time and money.

Pay Less For Business Transactions

Pay Less For Business Transactions
Mark from costless payment solutions believes if I can give you back, some if not all of the bank fees well, that’s going to have an impact on the quality of life that I would think that you would like to have for your family.
● zero bank fees
● a great tip is that maybe a subscription to software or a bank was justified some two years ago, but you no longer need that subscription now, but you just haven’t gotten around and cancelling it, now would be a time to do so