Grinders Coffee is 60 years old. Do you enjoy yours with Alt Milk ?

Yep, Australians are mad for what we call alternative milks, alt milks. They call it in the trade. And it’s growing exponentially. and what’s also interesting is each state has a little bit of a bias towards what their particular alt milk is.
Victorians have a strong bias for oat milk. And then New south Welsh people have a bias for almond milk. And then the Queenslanders have a bit of a bias still for soy milk, which was pretty much the original of alt milk that came on to the scene.
But you go to any cafe now Tony in their entire fridge is full of you’ve seen it, haven’t you like the cardboard boxes of probably They’re about six particular different types of milk. So it’s pretty hard to manage that kind of inventory. But that’s what customers demand now.