How to prepare for and enjoy retirement

So if you had some quick tips for and we’ll use that 20 year benchmark because again, it’s I think it’s what most of us start thinking about. If you’re 20 years out, or between, say 20 years and then 10 years, what things do you think people should be doing to prepare for retirement.

Okay, the first thing that we must do, of course, is to make certain that we understand the financial implications, and have we got enough now, those who want to travel around the world every year and drive a Mercedes, they need a lot more than the person who says hey, I’m not interested in that.

So we’ve got to one understand the financial implication. So that’s the first thing.

The second thing is we’ve got to develop the habits, so that we can successfully fill in 11,000 days. And the problem is this tony too many people in retirement. In fact, the average in Australia is watching screen time. That’s telephone, tablets, computers, TV, and the big screen, nine hours a day, nine hours a day, they’re watching television.

Now, I do not believe that it is reasonable or even sensible to spend all your life preparing for this time called retirement, saving money, getting ready, so that you can watch nine hours of television, I got to be joking. So that’s a big one as well.

Physically fit. We must be physically fit. We know that there’s these things like dementia and Alzheimer’s and those types of things that are just around the corner for many, hey, but they’re not. If you prepare well, in other words, anyone who is physically fit low on alcohol, plenty of exercise, good diet, and so on and so forth.

They do they attract dementia and Alzheimer’s less than most people. Now, I’m not saying that you can avoid it, you can’t avoid it. But you can delay it. So there are a couple of things that are really critical.