The benefits of training in The Hospitality Industry

For young people Hospitality is the best place to start. It’s, it opens up your communication skills, you’ve got to deal, you become a real team player, you don’t turn up, you really let your team down. You learn to deal with conflict, you get to read and deal with different types of people every day. So you know, you think those four things or five things I’ve just mentioned, if you’re going to go down any leadership org and find out what great leaders have, they all have those traits.

And I always thought that there was a big opportunity to sort of educate people and train people to realize that there actually is a career path in hospitality outside your top tier hotels.

Need WH&S and HR Training the Answer Is Yes

I even mastered the art of online site auditing. So I can come into your premises and do a fire and safety audit and I just sent you a zoom link, and you can show me around and I don’t have to visit your site
● We’re going to have to teach Homer Simpson. And that’s who we’re targeting. If he doesn’t work for you, he’ll come in as a client and he can ruin your business. So you’ve got to be prepared that whatever you do, whatever protections you put around your business, you’re factoring in for Homer Simpson