Need WH&S and HR Training the Answer Is Yes

I even mastered the art of online site auditing. So I can come into your premises and do a fire and safety audit and I just sent you a zoom link, and you can show me around and I don’t have to visit your site
● We’re going to have to teach Homer Simpson. And that’s who we’re targeting. If he doesn’t work for you, he’ll come in as a client and he can ruin your business. So you’ve got to be prepared that whatever you do, whatever protections you put around your business, you’re factoring in for Homer Simpson

Change Your Attitude to Money

Change Your Attitude to Money
● Change your attitude to money by performing with money, how to perform under pressure, understanding what your drivers are and guiding you to maximize your ability to actually make money, how to you know how to make it, keep it and grow it. This is the secret.
● Hit that reset button and take control of your finances. You don’t want to be a slave to the corporate world, and this is aperfect opportunity to press the reset button and take back control. align yourself with the type of work that is fulfilling that rewards you you’ll be surprised how much your income will increase with less effort.