Latest business and consumer research for July from lewers research

And in the last round of research that we did, which was timed for the second week of July, so just as we’re going into that second lockdown, that figure reduce, so now 41% are saying it’s not the time to be hiring new staff so people, businesses are starting to think a little bit more around how they’re going to come out of this.
Sadly, I you know, the economic circumstance is such that there are a proportion of businesses we’ve got 15% who feel their business has little chance of remaining open after the crisis, but didn’t that number, as horrible as it That is, if you wanted to 15% it’s not you know, given the breadth and inequality of the impact of this pandemic. And it’s not as bigger number as perhaps we might have expected. And again, that’s perception of what small business owners are saying. So there’s a general feeling of optimism that by hook or by crook, definetly coming out the other end.
even with physical contact 78% of people are avoiding handshaking again. That means that there’s 22% of people who are still shaking hands.