Invest and help disabled housing grow

The NDIS scheme is something that was implemented a few years ago and SDA stands for specialist disability accommodation, and it is a $700 million funding stream within the broader NDIS scheme which stands for national disability insurance scheme. And basically that provides some $200 billion worth of services across the board for people with disabilities and the SDA services a select group who are eligible to have disabled housing.

That’s why it’s a win win. So the investor is being incentivized the government is effectively the 15% yield comes from three income streams. And one of those income streams is the actual rental so the rental is three times more than what you would receive from an able-bodied tenant.

Lose Weight. Pick up that barbell and put down that fork

I help women to put down the fork and pick up their life. So I help busy women who self sabotage is I helped them to lose weight and eat with freedom, while liberating them from their inner critic
There are times when you can’t possibly do everything. We’ve just had our event, the crisis that’s changed the world for everybody. Now is the time to head back up. Pick up that barbell and put down that fork.