Build a property portfolio with a $40k Deposit

Okay, essentially, a buyer’s agent is, I guess the opposite to a selling agent. So everyone who’s selling a property generally has a real estate agent who’s selling the property on their behalf. a buyer’s agent actually represents the buyer of a property so instead of just going straight to the real estate agent and trying to negotiate on a property through them, you actually use a buyer’s agent who can actually find the exact property that you’re looking for, and negotiate on the price and terms.

And we do have the page on your website under shop where you can buy the fantastic book, how to build a multimillion dollar property portfolio from a 40 k deposit. And, you know, I don’t have anything like you’d have a I think, but we both started off with a small deposit. So it can actually be done.

Are robots the future for real estate agents

So that begs a question. Are robots the future for real estate agents?
There’s too many businesses that are relying upon the traditional methods of doing their business. And unfortunately, I think they’re being left behind. So every business I can think of needs to embrace technological innovation of some description, too remain relevant.
There are a couple of things that have happened during this COVID-19 disaster and one of them is that agents have been forced to actually have more meaningful conversations with their potential buyers.