Keep your business and staff Cyber Secure working from home

And we’ll go in with all this tech about antivirus and stuff. I have an example where one of the companies I was working for like 10 years ago as a big company, there was a Telstra subsidiary. I had to wipe his computer once a week, right. And I finally had a conversation with him. And his justification was, well, we have anti virus Matt, I would expect that it would just work all the time. And I said do you have seatbelts in your car? He’s like, yeah, why? I said, do you just drive into trees all the time? He’s like, Oh, no. Well, I mean, you can’t expect anti viruses to stop everything, especially new threats come out every day.

Your and family and are at risk of death from stalkers. No 1 Get a password manager

Yeah, because someone told me, I mean, talk to me about it. And It just occurred to me that, you know, domestic violence survivors are especially vulnerable to identity theft. And the reason is because the the ex partner knows a lot about you, your ex partner knows a lot about you. And they knows and that gives them a really good head start on committing identity theft, identity theft. So I realized that this is the problem, and that needs to be addressed. Because, um, you know, it’s not easy. Sometimes it can be a life and death matters, you know. So I think that’s important thing to talk about, you know?

The Importance of Cyber Security Training To Protect You and Your Organisation

But it is really important that you go beyond just the Google of googling cybersecurity courses, speak to someone, make sure it’s right for you. Because there’s nothing worse than investing in training, finishing the course and working out, or that wasn’t what I was looking for. So invest that time upfront, speak to someone that’s got lots on offer, because it means they won’t push you into one course. But specifically, I’d say that RESILIA frontline is very strong, and a good option to take care of, you know, all staff at all levels,

Cyber Week Episode 1. Cyber Security Specialist, ASX Listed Tesserent

We are the number one by market cap listed ASX pure play cyber security firm. I think almost anything can get hacked if the if the hacker is persistent enough. So it’s important that you do have a sense of security, you understand the types of assets that you have, and they’re appropriately protected. I think one of the myths in moving to the cloud is that security becomes somebody else’s responsibility.