There are 2 ways to Start a Podcast.

The Easy Way

Ask Podcast My Business to do it for you. Simples !!

We do it all in just one hour of your time. We record 3-4 episodes with you, edit the podcasts, upload them to a podcast host and get you listed on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

The Hard Way

The standard way of making a podcast involves podcast production with multiple strategy meetings, then studio time, then editing time with the sound engineer, more meetings afterwards etc. this takes hours of your time and you pay more for it as well!

Or if you have a spare few hours then we even have a guide with 19 steps on How To Start A Podcast if you want to do it yourself. With thanks to our sister company HERE

Introduction. How To Make a Podcast

The most common obstacle to starting up a podcast is not knowing what to do, how to do it, or where to start. This guide will help you get past all the guesswork so you can smoothly launch into podcasting and take to the air!

What is the purpose of your podcast?

You first have to ask yourself why you want to make a podcast. What purpose will it be serving?

You might be using it as a vehicle to create an online presence, so people can connect with the thoughts and information you have to share. Or, to establish your own credentials as an authority on a topic. Maybe you want to gather a groundswell of opinion? Perhaps you want to promote a hobby, like remote control car racing for instance, or drum up interest in, or education about, a product or service you offer.

Podcasts work to gather a network of followers or subscribers. Doing them regularly could lead you to monetizing your shows and/or gaining sponsorships.

With the ‘live’ and personal audience connection podcasting offers, you can potentially engender goodwill in the marketplace, share information, or keep your listeners up to date on subjects of interest.

Narrow it down so you are aware of your own reasons for podcasting.

Identifying “what is my purpose?” is the place to start. It’s a critical element to hold in mind to keep you focused and motivated, especially on those days when you’re finding it hard to choose your subject or put a show together. Specifying what you want to achieve helps you to know it when you actually do achieve it!

Sighh get the rest here

Who is your podcast targeting?

Why would they listen?

Keyword research

Topic research

How to name your podcast

How important are good episode titles?

What ‘s the right length for a podcast episode?

How do I decide on a release schedule for my podcast episodes?

What is the best format for a podcast?

What Recording Equipment do I Need

Do I need A Script?

Talking into a mic

Recording remote guests or co-hosts

Editing your podcast

Do I need music for my podcast?

Specifications of cover art for podcasts

Ready to publish your podcast?

After you Launch